Sponsorship Process

If your event fits our guidelines, we invite you to fill out the Online Application Form and provide us with details for us to evaluate your proposal.

  • Event Title
  • Detailed Description of the Event
  • Objectives of the Event
  • Date, Time, Venue of the Event/Activity
  • Expected number of attendees with profile/demographics of attendees
  • Specific support requested by organizer from Cebu Pacific
  • All marketing mileage committed to Cebu Pacific as a sponsor forthe activity
  • Details of contact person

Reminder: Please be very specific on the mileage commitments, that is: time allotted for a Cebu Pacific promotional slot; number of flyers or posters; number of radio spots; inclusion in how many posters and collaterals; links to the Cebu Pacific web site; merchandising opportunity.

For media exposure, please provide the value of the media mileage, for example: the value of the print ad featuring the event; the value of the radio spot with mention of Cebu Pacific, etc.

You may also e-mail all these details to marketingpromotions@cebupacificair.com at least one (1) month before the event date. We will respond to all sponsorship requests within five (5) working days from the date of receipt.

Sponsorship Process

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