CEB Surfboard

Terms and Conditions

  1. CEB Surfboard only covers the following:

    • Body boards
    • Surfboards
    • Wakeboards
    • Long surfboards or Paddleboards / Stand – Up Paddleboards
    • Surfing equipment such as: surfboard leash, tie down straps, car racks and surfing fins
  2. CEB Surfboard may be booked up to 2 hours before flight departure

  3. CEB Surfboard may be booked within 2 hours before flight departure subject to space availability and a different rate will apply

  4. CEB Surfboard may be availed through the Cebu Pacific website, call center or sales offices

  5. Any excess weight from your CEB Surfboard allowance is subject to existing Excess Baggage Rate

  6. CEB Surfboard may be rebooked up to 2 hours before scheduled time of departure subject to space availability

  7. CEB Surfboard may not be re-routed, refunded nor can be stored in a Travel Fund

  8. Guests affected by flight disruption may either rebook, re-route, refund or store CEB Surfboard in a Travel Fund

  9. Guest may carry only one surfboard per flight

  10. Each surfboard including surfing equipment and case must not exceed 9ft. for Airbus or jet flights and 6ft. for ATR or turbo-prop flights

  11. Misdeclaration of surfboard type and dimension may result to refusal for carriage

  12. Surfboard and surfing equipment will only be accepted for carriage if properly packed in a surfboard case or any protective cover to avoid damage to the aircraft and other baggage or cargo

  13. Each surfboard should not weigh more than 20kg including surfboard case and surfing equipment

  14. CEB Surfboard baggage allowance cannot be pooled with prepaid baggage or sports equipment allowance

  15. Cebu Pacific reserves the right to refuse carriage of surfboards exceeding the specified dimensions