CEB Flexi

Terms and Conditions

  1. CEB Flexi is available for purchase during initial booking only.

  2. CEB Flexi is available for purchase on all Cebu Pacific channels such as the website, mobile app, reservation hotlines, ticket offices, as well as third-party sales offices.

  3. CEB Flexi fee shall be applied per person, per sector.

  4. CEB Flexi allows passengers to rebook a segment for free up to 2 times without paying the applicable change fees.

  5. If applicable, the difference in fare must be paid during rebooking.

  6. Free rebooking may be done on Cebu Pacific’s digital channels only.

  7. When unused, the CEB Flexi fee is non-refundable.

  8. When affected by flight disruption, and as covered by the airline’s Flight Disruption Policy, rebooking to a new flight does not count towards the free rebooking of 2 times.