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Aircraft Seating Space

Aircraft TypePitchWidth
ATR 72-500 & 72-60028-29 inches16.8 inches
Airbus 320 & 32128-29 inches17 inches
Airbus 33030-31 inches16.8 inches

Note: Seats are randomly assigned at check-in for passengers without pre-selected seats.


Our seat options

Seat selection fees may be found on our Fares, Fees and Charges page.

GoAhead - Priority boarding is a feature of the Premium seat category.

This is available for all international flights except those departing China, Macau and Dubai.

Baby bassinets are free of use for pre-booked bulkhead seats on Airbus 330 flights.

For safety reasons, infants should not be more than 11kg to use the bassinet.

Seat features may vary per aircraft

CEB Seat

You may purchase a seat through our website, reservation hotlines or sales offices up to two hours before your flight.

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