Seat Selector

Terms and Conditions

    1. Guest has the option to pre-select a specific seat based on their preference.
    2. CEB Seat Selector is available at the time of booking and during Manage Booking up to 2 hours before scheduled time of departure.
    3. CEB Seat Selector may be availed through the Cebu Pacific website, call center or sales offices.
    4. CEB Seat Selector is available in the following categories; Premium, Standard Plus, and Standard. A specific seat category is identified at the time of booking.
    5. CEB Seat Selector may not be refunded, and it cannot be stored in a Travel Fund.
    6. CEB Seat Selector may not be transferred to another person. It can only be used by the passenger for the specific flight and sector for which it is paid.
    7. Seats designated as Exit Rows are available for pre-selection using CEB Seat Selector. The following rules apply when occupying Exit Row Seats:
      • Guest must be at least 15 years old.
      • Guest must be able to understand and carry out instructions which will be given in English onboard the flight.
      • Guest must be able to speak in English.
      • Guest must not be travelling with someone that requires his/ her assistance in an emergency.
      • Guest must be fit and able-bodied.
      • Guest must not have any permanent or temporary impairment (e.g. deaf, hearing impaired, blind, vision impaired, any strength or mobility limitation, intellectual impairment or travelling with a service dog).
      • Guest must be able to check outside conditions and react to crew commands.
      • Guest must be able to reach, open, lift and throw out the exit door in an emergency.
      • Guest must acknowledge the exit row briefing given by Cabin Crew once onboard the aircraft. Guest must be willing to help or assist cabin attendants in the unlikely event of an evacuation/emergency situation.
      • Guest must not be seated with an infant or a passenger below 15 years of age.
      • Guest must not require the use of an extension seat belt or have purchased an extra seat.
    8. If guest chooses not to pre-select a seat, a random seat will be assigned at point of check-in. There is no guarantee that groups will be seated together or be given their seat preference.
    9. The airline reserves the right to refuse a guest a specific seat, pre-selected or otherwise for operational and safety reasons.
    10. If the flight has been cancelled due to airline’s fault or in cases of aircraft change for operational reasons, the airline will make every effort to place the guest in the same or similar seats on the alternate flight. If guest opts to refund the flight, seat fee will also be refunded.

Terms & Conditions for Premium Seat Category – Go Ahead Priority Boarding

Effective May 7, 2019

    1. Go Ahead - Priority Boarding is a feature of the Premium category of Seat Selector product.
    2. Go Ahead – Priority Boarding is only available to passengers on International flights except those departing China, Macau, Siem Reap, and Dubai.
    3. The passenger’s boarding pass, either electronic or printed must indicate Priority Boarding before the service can be fulfilled.
    4. Priority Boarding holders are required to be in the boarding gates at the prescribed time for boarding. Boarding gates open as early as 30 minutes before the scheduled time of departure and strictly close 15 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.
    5. The time dedicated to Priority Boarding passengers to use the Priority Lane is in the beginning of the boarding process, as directed by the gate personnel. As soon as the time dedicated to Priority Boarding is over, the Priority Lane may be reassigned as a regular lane, for use by non-priority passengers.
    6. As soon as the time dedicated to Priority Boarding is over, no additional time will be given to late comers who hold Priority Boarding. They will be asked join the regular boarding call and use the regular lane.
    7. Service is provided per passenger. The service can only be extended to an individual who does not hold Priority Boarding if they need assistance in boarding and only the Person who has Priority Boarding can accompany them.
    8. A dedicated lane for Priority Boarding holders will be provided at the boarding gate servicing the flight. If a dedicated lane for Priority Boarding is not available, priority will be given to Priority Boarding holders over regular passengers during boarding. This may mean interruption of the boarding for regular passengers to accommodate Priority Boarding holders.
    9. Passengers requiring special handling are entitled to pre-board and will board ahead of Priority Boarding passengers. Passengers requiring special handling may include: persons with disability, expectant mothers, guests travelling with infants and small children, and the elderly.
    10. Boarding procedures vary per airport and some may require transport using a bus or shuttle from the gate to the aircraft. In such cases, it is not guaranteed that a passenger with Priority Boarding will be provided dedicated buses, or be able to actually board the aircraft first.
    11. Priority Boarding passengers must stay within their hand carry allowances. Exceeding the piece, size, and weight allowances may result to a delay in boarding.