CEB Wi-Fi Kit

Terms and Conditions

  1. CEB Wi-Fi Kit is available for flights departing and arriving NAIA-T3.

  2. CEB Wi-Fi Kit is available for purchase up to 2 hours before scheduled time of departure

  3. CEB Wi-Fi Kit may be availed through the Cebu Pacific website, call center or sales offices.

  4. CEB Wi-Fi Kit may not be rebooked, rerouted, refunded nor can be stored in a Travel Fund.

  5. CEB Wi-Fi Kit may not be transferred to another person.

  6. On certain occasions where guest is unable to pick up and use the device due to irregular operations (flight disruptions), full amount will be refunded.

  7. The Wi-Fi Device

    • The wifi device is provided by Cebu Pacific’s partner, Big Sky Nation, Inc.

    • Upon pick-up, the device will be endorsed housed in a hard shell case, together with the following: USB Cable, Battery Pack (inside the device), User Manual, Delivery Receipt

    • Upon pick-up, the guest renting the device must pay for the day pass and a refundable security deposit. The cost of the day pass shall be the daily rate of the zone where roaming is to take place multiplied by the number of days to be rented. The refundable security deposit is fixed at Php 4,000.00.

    • Zones covered –

      • Zone 1: Cebu Pacific destinations in Asia (except Brunei)

      • Zone 2: Cebu Pacific destinations in Australia (except the United Arab Emirates), plus the rest of the world

      • Zones are subject to change and may not cover certain territories.

    • Penalties

      Damaged / Lost / Stolen
      World Travel Hotspot Unit 4GPhp 4,000
      USB CablePhp 300
      BatteryPhp 750
      Travel Hotspot CasePhp 500
      Delayed Return# Of Days Delayed multiplied by daily rate
  8. Data limits. A day pass allows the CEB Wi-Fi Kit to download data at a maximum of LTE 4G speed of the country where it will be used up to a maximum of 550 MB. A speed of 2G then applies for data download after the gigabytes (1GB) limit.

  9. Technical Problems - In case of technical problems, the Customer may call the Roaming Hotline at +63 2 403 1399 or +63 918 964 7626. Calls made are subject to applicable telco charges and are at the sole cost of the Customer. Cebu Pacific and Big Sky Nation are in no way responsible for the Customer’s telco charges. The Customer must not attempt to repair the Device. The Device must not be dismantled. If proven to be dismantled or repaired by the Customer, the Device shall be treated as damaged and applicable fees and penalties will apply.

  10. The customer acknowledges that (a) the Device may be damaged as a result of handling and transport, and that (b) internet service in the countries where the device may be used may be interrupted due to various causes, including but not limited to, force majeure, acts of God, power and system failure, acts or omissions of third parties. Accordingly, Cebu Pacific and Big Sky Nation shall not be liable for any claim, liability or damage for whatever direct, indirect, and consequential or other damages including loss of opportunity, anticipated profits or other economic gain as a result of use or non-use of the Device.

  11. Return – the customer is expected to return the device in good condition at the dedicated return booths in NAIA-T3. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the unit is returned to the proper location. Leaving the unit at an unauthorized location will be considered as negligence of the customer and abandonment of unit, and is subject to the penalty fees indicated above to be charged against the customer’s security deposit.