Special Baggage

Traveling with items that are larger than the usual? We accept special baggage for check in such as sports equipment, surfboards, musical instruments, oversized bags, etc., for a fee. Learn more below.

Sports Equipment

Take your gear with you wherever you go! You can bring your sports equipment as checked baggage provided it is packed properly and securely. For the list of sports equipment allowed and their corresponding fees, you may check our CEB Sports Equipment page.


Headed to the beach for some vitamin sea? We accept various types of boards for check-in as long as it is packed properly in a case. For the list of boards allowed and their corresponding fees, you may check our CEB Surfboard page.

Musical Instruments or Religious Items

Musical instruments and religious items are allowed on board provided it meets cabin dimensions of up to 56cm x 36cm x 23cm and has a maximum weight of seven (7) kilos. This will be part of your allowed two pieces of hand carry baggage. If your item exceeds these dimensions and piece restriction allowed, you would need to purchase an extra seat for your item at the airport.

Firearms, Ammunition and Other Weapons

We allow carriage of firearms as checked baggage to all domestic flights, for a fee. Passengers bringing their personal firearms must be ready to present the following documents at any time that it is required by authorities.

  • Valid ID (Government issued IDs, Service/Agency ID)

  • Valid Firearms License

  • Valid Permit to Carry Firearms Outside of the Residence

  • Valid Permit to Transport Firearms and Ammunition (for firearms not covered by the former and for Gun Club Members)

Uniformed personnel and active members of law-enforcement agencies are exempted from paying the fee as long as they present a Valid Mission Order.