Fare Bundles

Book your flight and essentials in one easy step.

Airfare Bundle Image Airfare Baggage Farebundle Image20Kg. Bundle Meal Image Meal
Fly Check Image
Fly+Bag Check Image Check Image
Airfare Bundle Image Airfare
Airfare Bundle Image Airfare 20 Kilograms Bundle Image 20Kg. Bundle
fly image Airfare 20 kilograms image 20Kg. Bundle Meal Image Meal

Take Note!

  • Both Fly+Bag and Fly+Bag+Meal options come with 20kg baggage. Don’t worry if you need more. You can upgrade to the larger baggage options after booking through the Manage Booking tab.

  • You can top-up your Fare Bundles with other Add-ons for more of your needs.

  • The CEB Fare Bundles are available on all Cebu Pacific and Cebgo flights in all destinations